Brown Toy Box Launches to Culturally Affirm Black Children



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                               September 19, 2016         





New online subscription service to culturally affirm Black children through play and fun!


ATLANTA, BrownToyBoxNews/ —, an online monthly subscription service created to culturally affirm and celebrate the awesomeness of Black children with toys, games, books, and room décor, launched today. The service will deliver items from major brands such as Mattel, Fisher Price and Simon Schuster, as well as culturally curated products from smaller but dynamic Black-owned brands such as Brave Rave Books, Brite Colours, Obi and Titi, other up-and-coming authors,  toy makers, and room décor designers.

“Brown Toy Box is about so much more than gaining subscribers and amassing customers. We are committed to changing the social dialogue and the daily realities of how Black children see themselves and others that look like them,” said Terri-Nichelle Bradley, Founder & Principal of Play. “Uplifting and empowering Black children is mission critical for Brown Toy Box, we want to end self-hate and foster self-love, that starts with Black children being surrounded with positive images of themselves.”

Bradley formerly led Playground Public Relations, a PR and community relations agency that assisted with connecting brands with African American audiences, specifically moms. Because of a shared mission, Brown Toy Box has signed Mocha Moms, Inc., the premiere voice for mothers of color, as it philanthropic partner. Mocha Moms Inc., will receive ten percent of each initial subscription to the service.

“As mothers of color who care deeply about making sure our children feel comfortable in their own skin, we know all too well the importance of exposing our black and brown children to culturally relevant products,” said Kuae Mattox, national president of Mocha Moms, Inc. “We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting new online service that will help our children feel stronger and more confident through fun, play and learning.”

Brown Toy Box will ship culturally affirming items for children ages 0-12. Subscriptions cost $34.99 monthly, with no contracts required. The service is now open to subscribers, first boxes will ship in November, just in time for the holidays.



About Brown Toy Box

Brown Toy Box is an online monthly subscription service dedicated to affirming beauty, building confidence, and self-esteem in Black children through play and fun. Brown Toy Box has actively secured relationships with some of the largest toy manufactures and publishing houses but is mindfully committed to culturally curating products and developing distribution opportunities for smaller-known minority owned brands. The company’s socially responsible mission encourages the promotion of children to books, toys, and decor that look like them. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter at, visit our blog, Brown Toy Talk on the website, or find us on Facebook at




Teachable Moments…For Grownups!

Someone asked me why did I create Brown Toy Box…

Last week I went one of the many, many tech startup groups that I frequent. As usual, I was one of the only black women there. When the speaker finished and it was time for the dreaded mingling I introduced myself to one of the hipster converse wearing founders there. He was super nice but he asked, I get the whole idea of a cool subscription service so parents don’t have to shop in stores but what I don’t get is why are all the toys and stuff specifically for children of color, aren’t you missing out?

Ah, a teachable moment. I said, ” I created this service to celebrate the beauty in little brown children that is too often disregarded.” I went on, ” And I created the service to build up the self-esteem and to empower these kids to know that they are great, awesome, unique, and so they can stand in a room full of people, none of which look like them, and feel confident enough to hold a conversation with a man, wearing converse who might not really understand them but is open to learning.” He looked around the room, smiled and laughed to himself. I get it.

And that is my point. Had it not been for my mom who made sure we always had black dolls, art, posters hanging in our rooms and black Santa & angels on our Christmas tree, I don’t know how I would feel about myself when I looked in the mirror.

And while my mother is no longer here but always with me, she is my inspiration. When she couldn’t find a black doll she would buy a white one and color it brown with a marker. Brown Toy Box has curated toys books and games from some of the top brands and publishing houses. We have also mindfully culturally curated from small black and brown toy companies in the US and England to ensure we create opportunity for those smaller brands as well.

We are so excited to send out our first boxes in November 2016. Sign up for our mailing list for more information and special offers. We will be opening up the opportunity to subscribe to Brown Toy Box in just a few days!